Version History

July 5, 2011 2.22.0053Minor Update

Issues Fixed:
  • Contacts were imported into Outlook without photos with some types of vCard files.
  • Contacts from vCard files exported from iPhone had no Company entry in some cases when importing them to Outlook.
  • Duplicates of calendar events were created when importing similar appointments that have the same Start and End time entries but different seconds in them.
  • Notes field that contained several empty spaces were exported, creating unnecessary entries in vCard file.

January 12, 2011 2.21.0049Minor Update

Issue fixed:
  • Application would crash during start on some systems.

December 16, 2010 2.20.0047Major Update

Functional Updates:
  • The descriptions within the selection list of encoding have been updated.
  • When only one item was selected in a folder, the "export selected items" option in Wizard was suggested by default. Now this option would only be suggested if more than one item was selected.
Issues Fixed:
  • Recurring events in VCF file exported from Lotus Notes were not imported into Outlook Calendar.
  • Options in Wizard to exclude events by labels while exporting are now disabled in Outlook 2007 and 2010.
  • An old Outlook versions´ category list of default categories was provided in import/export filter options on systems with Outlook 2007 or 2010. Now the list is empty by default.
  • The application would crash in some cases when Outlook was not configured as default mail client.
  • The application buttons had "<No label>" names in Outlook 2010 menu bar customization dialog.
  • The "Sync All" and "Sync Schedule" actions in the "Tools" menu were available when there were no synchronization profiles configured.

July 14, 2010 2.14Minor Update

Functional Updates:
  • Improved support of VCF files exported from Apple Mac OS, BlackBerry, and Lotus Notes. Some additional specific rules were added to better support the vCard and iCal file format exported from some Apple Mac OS applications, from BlackBerry devices and from the Lotus Notes application.
Issues Fixed:
  • A calendar event was imported with incorrect start and end time in some cases when the time zone parameter was negative in iCal / vCal file
  • A photo image was not imported if encoding "B" was used in the VCF file, or if no encoding was specified (BlackBerry support issue)
  • Data could not be imported when the "Type" tag in a vCard file was containing several values divided by colon (BlackBerry support issue)
  • Importing of a vCard file failed when this file contained a non-standard "line brake" symbol (Apple Mac OS issue)
  • The reminder was set to 1 minute for all imported calendar events if there were no reminder entries in the iCal file. Now the reminder is not set for imported events, if there has been no reminder or if the event occurred in the past
  • The recurrent calendar event date and recurrent pattern would not be retrieved correctly in cases when the "Rdate" value is provided as a period (Lotus Notes issue)
  • The application toolbar and menu would not appear if more than one Outlook window is open
  • Outlook 2002 would crash in some cases during export / import
  • Outlook would crash in some cases while importing a vCard where the "NetMeetingServer" parameter existed, but the "NetMeetingAlias" parameter was missing
  • Warning was shown during installation about some .mst file that has no certificate on Windows Vista and Windows 7

December 1, 2009 2.12Minor Update

Issues Fixed:
  • Welcome screen would show an empty picture on non-English versions
  • "Buy Online" link shortcut was incorrect in some menus

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